Content Marketing

As a professional travel writer, I write to motivate people to visit specific places. As a copywriter, I do the same thing for travel companies, but a lighter touch is often required.

To attract and keep customers, it helps to offer them something of value for free, like a page listing popular restaurants for locals or a brief but compelling history of your community. I offer content marketing services (blogs, webpages, etc.) as one way to do this.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is an important tool for reaching your most valued customers, and that fact isn't likely to change anytime soon. I write email copy that doesn’t waste your customers’ time, like an auto responder series to welcome new customers and direct them into your sales funnel or updates sent by email.

Together we’ll create a strong call to action, whether that’s to opt in to a lead generating newsletter subscription or booking a room.

Web Copy

People scan websites (like you’re doing now), and our attention span seems to get shorter each day. I'll work with you to create web copy that is simple and direct but motivating.

We'll make it easy for your customers to find the information they need to know about you. I'll write copy that takes full advantage of the terms that your customers use in their searches, but I'll make sure it reads like it was written by a human.


Copy for the Travel Industry

I’ve written about travel for over ten years, but I’ve been an active traveler for most of my life. Travel is central to my lifestyle. I understand the travel business from multiple points-of-view. I don’t have to spend hours researching the industry. And because I’ve been a professional travel writer, I have a good idea of where travel businesses get in trouble with their copy, and where they do well. That’s good news for you. Better copy means more bookings.

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