Hi. I’m Dean.

I'm a copywriter. I travel. In a former life, I worked as a psychologist. If you're looking for help boosting website traffic, improving engagement with your customers, or improving sales, let's talk. I have a unique set of skills to help you tell stories that motivate bookings.


Why Work with Me?

I Travel

My family took long road trips when I was a child, and I haven’t stop traveling since. I not only understand your target market, I am part of it.

I Listen

Not everyone is a natural listener. I am. I know how to tell good stories, because I know how to listen.

I Care about Results

I search for the right approach for your project and review the data with you to figure out how well it’s working.

I'm Professional

I communicate. I’m respectful. I meet deadlines. I don’t overpromise.

I Understand My Role

You are hiring me to sell your product, not to write poetry. Our project is about your sales, not my ego.

I Adapt

I know that what worked yesterday may not work today. I stay on top of current practices and pay attention to what works now.


I write copy for the travel industry that tells customers a story—your story. Are you looking for snappier copy for your Airbnb rental or the website for your tour company? I can help. Maybe you want a catchier description of the historic sites in your community, or the special characteristics that set you apart from similar businesses? Let's talk. We'll work together to craft your story, whether it's communicated through your website, content marketing, or an email campaign.  

Let's get started.

Contact me today, and we'll talk about your project. The initial consult is free.